Is it worth it to used wordpress platform, for your wedding invitation ?

Is it worth it to used wordpress platform ?

WordPress is powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence. It has many featured, plugins, etc. Even an ecommerce can be build with this platform.

Of course it is worth it if you wanna build a blog or ecommerce. Okay let’s write a story about a wedding party.


  • Let’s say William and Elizabeth have a plan to get married and they need a website wedding invitation without content management system, yes they don’t need admin feature to maintain the content.
  • They said “I just want an online version for our wedding invitation, just the site invitation with gallery and googlemaps for the location”.


So as developers or wedding planner and you (yes, you the couples).

This is just one time build you don’t have to effort the process. Why not we just use HTML template.

Try our site template for your wedding invitation.


Or try Mare – Wedding Invitation Site Template

Mare Wedding Invitation